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Got a Small Garden? Plant These Trees to Maximise It

A vibrant garden never fails to refresh us, especially after doing a long and stressful work-week. But do you think your garden is too small to accommodate plants? Don’t worry. A small garden can go a long way if you know what plants or trees to grow and how to arrange them. Plus, you can visit trusted sites, such as, to look for gardening services and solutions you could avail.



But before you get started, a crucial consideration you need to look into is your choice of colour combination. With the right colours, you can transform your garden into a haven for relaxation. Specifically, expert landscapers recommend the following colour combination:

  1. Complementary – Refer to a colour wheel. Choose a great combination of complementary colours, such as red and green or orange and blue.
  2. Monochromatic – If you like your garden to exude some level of uniformity, opting for monochromatic is also a great idea. You can choose plants with the same hues. You can just vary the foliage shape and size.
  3. Warm – You could also bring out your garden’s energetic and vibrant vibe with plants with warm colours, such as orange and red.
  4. Cool – Or if you prefer a refreshing vibe, you could choose plants with cool colours, such as purples, blues, and pale pastels.

Choosing the right plant colours could be a bit tricky. And it’s best to refer to reliable providers of gardening services, such as Gippy Tree Services, for some tips and guidance.

Tree options for a small garden

Are you living in an urban jungle with just a couple of square metres to spare for a garden? If yes, try growing one or two of the following tiny trees – these will add shade and colour to your vacant yard without taking too much space:

  1. Japanese Maple – The low-growing Dissectum variety is known for its seasonal foliage display. In the spring, it can decorate your garden with purplish-red flowers.
  2. Apple Tree – Choose the dwarf varieties to enjoy delicious apples during the autumn.
  3. Hawthorne – What’s best about the Hawthorne is it thrives in most types of soils. This tree can fill your yard with white blossoms and glossy green leaves.
  4. Ornamental Pear – Pendula, the petite sweeping type, produces a canopy of silvery-green leaves. And of course, fruits can be expected in the autumn.
  5. Magnolia – Caerhays Surprise, the slow-growing Magnolia variety, promises you springtime foliage of refreshing pink flowers. Its goblet-shaped flowers are decors enough to make your garden look dramatic.
  6. Rowan – Also called mountain ash tree, Rowan brings a playful mix of colours for different seasons. It bears white flowers for spring and yellow berries for autumn.

Trees give us the fruits, shade, and fresh air we need to feel relaxed at home. By choosing the right ones to grow, you can turn your boring yard into a refreshing Zen-garden where you can relax after a long work-week. If you’re now looking for experts to help you with this project, visit arboricultural experts at for assistance and services.