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Social media trends in Australia: What to look out for in 2017!

This is the era of social media. Everyday, new members join different platforms with all types of reason. Right now you can do just anything on the online platforms. They allow the people to share information and ideas directly to communities. The web-based technology is very interactive. People get to share, co-create, give opinions and modify before sharing the result of the idea. You can get or share any type of information such as travel spot, new stuff, personal ordeals and thought, business ideas, sale items, digital marketing, campaigns and fund raising. Social media trends give analysis information of social and economic survey done on different topics affecting the community’s life.

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What are the current social media trends in Australia?

Every year different trends and ideas come up with new information to the interested candidates.  With the continuous growth in technology, new people of all ages join social media for different purposes. The latest social media trends in Australia show that many people have made platforms for their work and products online. Social media trends in Australia 2016 were a surprise for many. Most of the trends witnessed hadn’t been predicted. But does that mean we should brace ourselves for more in 2017? Yes! Here are some social media trends you want to know about in 2017.

Video Popularity will continue rising.

Research shows that with rising technology, people are hungrier for information. Time is however limited and that’s why they prefer fast information. They will prefer watching a video for three minutes to reading a document for ten minutes. This social media trend has led brands to create video content to reach out to potential and existing customers. This trend is set to rise even more in 2017 with most social media platforms offering live broadcasting features.

Go Live Video.

Social media has found a new and interesting way of reaching an audience, and definitely a major part of social trends in Australia 2016. Live videos’ popularity is based on the fact that people love watching videos. This is one social media trend brands should embrace because it gives them a platform to interact with customers in real-time. You can follow up your customers and also discover new ones using the Go live feed. Facebook and Instagram have implemented the live videos making it very easy for businesses to grow their range of audience. The most current social trends in Australia show that with a rise in Facebook usage, live videos will continue to become more popular in 2017.

Timed-Out content.

This trend is also known as vanishing content. Snapchat initially released this baffling pattern whereby content posted is timed and after 24 hours it’s terminated. This trend has been taken up by Instagram Story whereby the feed also vanishes after 24hrs. 2017 will see brands adopt this strategy to do content marketing.

Increased importance of social media influencers.

Digital marketing is growing rapidly. Social media influencers are a crucial component of digital marketing whereby brands are paying them to share messages on Social Media on their behalf. This trend is expected to grow with YouTube and Facebook being a key platform where social media influencers can reach their audience.


There will be more social media trends and developments to expect in 2017. Companies and brands that will embrace these new trends will put themselves at a greater advantage compared to their competitors who will resist the changes. Those who can keep up with social media changes are bound to benefit with increased brand awareness and bigger sales.